Jonny the Perpetual Driver

There was once a boy named Jonny Imagewho desired to drive a car more than anything else in the whole world. When the day finally came that Jonny was able to get his driver’s license and drive on his own he was more than ready. He had gotten his permit the first day he was eligible, he had taken driver’s ed, he had actually driven seven times the prescribed hours for a driving student before he could get his license. So when the day finally came he was more than ready to get his license.

Jonny had, of course, already found the perfect car and saved up his money to buy it. All those early morning paper routes finally paid off for him. But immediately after getting his license, Jonny discovered the great limiting factor to perpetual driving…fuel.

Jonny did everything he could to find a limitless supply of fuel. He would top off his tank as full as it would go as often as he could. Every dime he could earn from his paper route went to gas, all his friends were used to him asking for gas money, even if they just sat in his car while it was idling. Jonny would beg money from his parents for gas, and as awful as he felt doing it, he even siphoned gas out of his neighbors truck a time or two.

Every tank Jonny got, no matter the means, would burn up as he drove. Driving as much as Jonny liked to meant he was constantly in need of more gas. He had nightmares about the gas light coming on in his car. So one day, Jonny got an idea, perhaps he could come up with a fuel that would burn forever in his car and wouldn’t run out.

His natural first thought was to turn his car into a nuclear reactor. It wouldn’t be limitless, but if he could figure it out, Jonny was sure it could work for his lifetime. He found out that was a bad idea when the FBI arrived at his door instead of his first order or enriched uranium. He resorted to trying different mixtures of fuel, octane booster, solar electric power, and wind driven turbines. Jonny discovered that some of his improvements to his car gave him a slightly better miles per dollar ratio, but eventually he would always end up seeing that infernal gas light. It became his beacon of failure, and the nightmares got worse.

Jonny’s dad was the type of guy that liked to putter and tinker in his workshop. It was the natural ability with tools Jonny inherited from his father that made him able to try different solutions to his fuel problem. Jonny’s dad felt bad for his son. He saw how hard he worked to keep gas in his car, and thought perhaps he could help. So without Jonny knowing, his dad went to work on a set up that would completely eliminate the need to put fuel in Jonny’s car.

After hours and hours of hard work on the problem, Jonny’s dad figured it out. So for Christmas that year, Jonny got the first ever perpetual energy machine. It ran without fuel of any kind. It produced no emissions and could not be stopped even when great resistance was applied.

Jonny was overjoyed when he received the gift. It was better than he could ever imagine. He and his father immediately began modifying the car to fit the machine. In just a matter of hours they had the car running anew, with perpetual energy. Jonny drained the old gas tank, it just seemed safer to not carry around fuel that was never going to be needed. But the empty tank turned on that old beacon of failure, the low fuel light. Jonny didn’t mind, because that old light had lost its significance now, he had become a perpetual driver.

In this season we are celebrating a gift that has done more than our efforts could ever do. Our efforts to reach God always end up falling short. Jesus was sent to be the only solution that could get us in a close and deep relationship with God.


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