My Long Awaited Read

I just finished The Jesus Way by Eugene Peterson. I have had the book on my shelf for about four years, but have not read it mostly because I wasn’t too interested. It is part of a series by Peterson of books with subtitles calling the books conversations on various aspects of the Christian life. The subtitle of The Jesus Way is “a conversation on the ways in which Jesus is the way.” It was a decent book, containing some great history and insight into the history.

I have one point of disagreement with Peterson, that being his treatment of David. He makes the claim at the beginning of his chapter on David that he is an example for us, and his example serves to demonstrate that we should not strive for perfection because we are doomed to be sinners. After all, David was a man after God’s own heart and look at the sin in his life. He mentions the damaging effect of the Holiness Tradition in the introduction to this chapter. Of course, I think he attacks a straw man of the Holiness Tradition, and our quest for perfection. My rebuttal is that Christians are called to be disciples of Jesus, not David, our example is perfect, and God’s intention is not for us to aim at imperfection.

The introduction to that chapter was my only complaint in book. The majority I really enjoyed, especially his summary of seven resources that he recommends in the appendix and his conclusion which is the way of following Jesus on Jesus’ terms is a way marked by prayer. He says that prayer is the “primary language for everything that takes place on the way of Jesus.” He talks about the languages we use in different parts of our world or life, and “prayer is the only language we have for listening to the commands and blessings and guidance that God provides through Jesus.”

He comes to a pretty good conclusion I believe. I guess I shouldn’t have let this book sit on my shelf for so long before reading it.


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