my Rocky Butte Report

In case you haven’t heard the Connell Church of the Nazarene did it’s second Work and Witness trip of the year, this trip was to the Rocky Butte Church of the Nazarene in Brewster, Washington. We put a roof on the church there. Not that any of us have any particular skill at roofing, it’s just that we enjoy going and working together, and encouraging other Christians, and eating good food along the way. You can check out a video of the events here:

As you can see from the video we also managed to get a lot of cleaning and painting done at the church.

The two highlights of the trip were:

First, seeing the number of children the Rocky Butte church is reaching. It was awesome there were kids everywhere in that place.

Second, the camaraderie among participants. This year we have had the amazing fortune of seeing both our work and witness teams develop a sense of family. We look out for one another, we joke with one another, and we work well together. It was a special blessing to hang out with those folks for the weekend.


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