Summer in Perspective

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I have been away from blogging for some time, I was going to write an update on the summer activities that have kept me too busy to write about books or reflect on spicy food induced dreams, but that’s boring. My mom has already heard about my Oregon Coast trip with our Youth Group, and nobody that reads my blog (which according to the latest statistics is on the rise as I continue to write nothing) cares to hear about my schedule, or commitments. With little of value to share, I will tell a story from the summer that puts it all in perspective:

Alyssa and I were headed to Lewiston to visit family and eat smoked salmon pasta at Rooster’s Landing (a favorite restaurant) when our car broke down. It felt like we had blown a tire, it sounded like a demon was trying to escape the car. With no idea what was wrong we were forced to call a tow truck to the middle of nowhere (don’t tell the good citizens of somewhere between Burbank and Prescott, Washington I said that). We waited for over two hours in near 100 degree heat for the truck to arrive.

Through the course of the day we were on the phone with a variety of people. We had to break the news to family in Lewiston that our plans had been thwarted, we had to try to get a ride to Connell from where our car was being towed in Pasco, we had to talk to the insurance people who were lining up the tow truck.

Something wonderful happened during one of Alyssa’s chats with her mom. Her mom made the comment, “At least you’re there with Paul.” It may have been that Alyssa’s mom was just happy that she didn’t have to deal with the broken down car alone, but Alyssa’s response was, “Yep, at least we’re together.”

Alyssa’s response has stuck with me. Life was pretty crappy at that moment. We were feeling really overwhelmed by our circumstances and schedule, and on top of all that our car was giving us fits. In the face of what was a frustrating day for us, Vonnie put things in perspective. The truth was that because we were together we were able to laugh at the sweat, and the fact that we only had a little hot coffee to drink, and the lack of a roadside bathroom, we actually almost had fun. It’s pretty cool to be with someone who is able to enjoy broke down on the side of the road, just because she’s with me.


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