My Second Honduras Report

I don’t have a lot of time to write an update tonight, because I have been asked to preach tomorrow, and I need to write a sermon. However, things have continued to go well for us. Yesterday was a really fun day, we drove to the Nazarene Campground for the Honduran District. It is a very cute little walled campground in the middle of some sugar cane fields. We ate lunch in a little town called El Progresso, about 45 minutes from Dana and Mirtza’s house. In the evening Mirtza and her sister cooked a huge meal with beans, fried plantains with cream, carne asada, fruit, pico de gallo and much more. A big group from the church came over to eat with us, then folks played Uno and Phase Ten for a long time…it was a really fun evening.

Today in the afternoon some of the women went to a school for a children’s program that the church runs on Saturdays. They were told to have a craft or activity ready for the children. Alyssa said the teacher was speaking for a while to the children in Spanish, Alyssa couldn’t understand much of what she was saying, except she knew she was talking about our group. Very suddenly the teacher quit speaking, looked at our women, and said, “If you have something, now would be the time.” They didn’t know how much time they had, or what they should do, but they got a craft out and it worked out very well.

At our work project, we accomplished a lot today. We got all our rebar placed in the forms, and have the forms for the primary beams almost finished. We are having fun working, and are looking forward to our remaining work days. The primary contractor, Valentin, speaks no English, and doesn’t seem to understand our broken Spanish, so communication is difficult, but getting easier.

Today has been rainy off and on, but the bad weather couldn’t dampen our progress at the work site.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Please pray for Lanita specifically, she has not been feeling well today, and we don’t want her to miss out on anymore of our ministry opportunities.


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