My First Honduras Report

This is a picture of the crew getting the rebar up on the roof to place in the form for the concrete beam, this is number one of six beams like this.

There are a lot of stories to tell from our trip to Honduras so far, but here is a quick summary of what we have been up to. We arrived safely on Tuesday afternoon, Dana and our bus driver Carlos picked us up and drove us to Dana and Mirtza’s house. Tuesday we unwound, relaxed, and rested up for our work to begin.

On Wednesday we began working. Our project is adding a second story over the offices of the Central Church of the Nazarene. Dana hired a crew of Honduran construction workers to work with us, and a number of people from the Central Church have come to help too. The jobs we are working on now are tying rebar columns which will be put into forms to make the floor of the second story, painting square steel tubing which will be used to support the floor and will be exposed in the ceiling of the first floor, and building a support structure for the concrete forms.

The weather has been great, warm and humid, but not too hot. We have worked up a good sweat on the project, but it has been cool enough to sleep at night.

The church held a New Year’s Eve service, it was really fun. The music was contemporary, and led by the youth in the church. The service included a time for testimonies, everyone was given the opportunity to share, American pastors were not given an option, but I was glad to share the great things God has done for us in the last year.

After the service Mirtza’s brother, Jorge, found us enough fireworks to keep us awake until midnight. At midnight the entire city lit their fireworks…to say it sounded like a warzone would be putting it lightly. My favorite fireworks were bottle rockets without sticks, we used a piece of PVC pipe to light them off, and there was no predicting where they would go. Travis and Jorge only shot a few of them into the crowd watching them.

Today we are relaxing again. New Year’s Day is an important holiday in Honduras, so the crew we are working with is spending the day with their families. A group of people from the church is coming over tonight to cook dinner for us, and celebrate the New Year.

Thank you for your prayers. We are praising the Lord for safety, and good health while we are here. We are really enjoying building relationships with the people here, and we are having fun being away from our houses and family but close to our God, who makes even a different country feel like home.


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