My Merry Christmas

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I haven’t blogged in quite some time, so I want to make a quick Christmas reflection. Alyssa and I have had a great Christmas season so far. We have been busy getting ready for our trip to Honduras, while also decorating the house, having a super fun open house for the church, and of course shopping. Christmas has seemed easy this year, maybe because we still have some shopping to do, or maybe because Alyssa just makes it easy for me, but I haven’t felt those familiar Christmas uncertainties on gifts, or struggled to get the Christmas duties done this year. I think in part because this has just been a busy year, especially a busy fall, so we are just used to constant activity.

One thing has seemed a little different this year. I have a lot of Christmas memories of giving to people in need. We have done that this year, the church is helping several families, we bought gifts for the “Adopt a Family” thing in Connell, and we had an awesome night with our small group wrapping presents and taking them to a family. This year that sort of giving has been fun, but it has felt different for some reason. I guess this year it’s been less about me and more about helping people we really love. That probably makes me happier to give, and I shop for these occasions more like I do for members of my own family. It’s been a good different.


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