My Missions Books Race

By Dorli GschwandtnerI’ve decided that I really ought to read the missionary books that our church produces every year. There are six, they are small, and less than 100 pages, so they take about an hour and a half to read each one. I have been enjoying them. I decided to tell Alyssa that we were racing to get through them once I was through the first two. I had planned on waiting until I was halfway through them, but she was in the middle of a book that she couldn’t put down, so I thought I would be safe.

I listened to several of them on CD last year, and they were interesting, but not spellbinding. Last year they did a summary of what had happened in the last 100 years in each of the world areas. The summaries were interesting but I prefer the more current stories in this years books. It’s been surprising to me that all the books I’ve read so far have some reference to Nazarene Compassionate Ministries. NCM is huge a huge part of our world missions.

Best book so far…My Bengal of Gold (it’s about Bangledesh….which I could now point to on a world map). My Bengal of Gold is written by Dorili Gschwandtner. She’s a great writer, in spite of the alarming lack of vowels in her last name.

By Dorli Gschwandtner

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