The Stuff I’ve Forgotten

Alyssa and I were rollin’ in my pickup yesterday, on our way home from a Chinese restaurant we were trying out in Othello, when I started listing the folks in 6th grade with me at Whitman Elementary. I had a stunning realization, I remember people from 6th grade better than I do from high school, college, and seminary combined. It’s no surprise that I can’t remember anyone from high school, I had a few close friends that I keep in touch with, and I haven’t seen or heard of the rest for ten years (with the exception of a few who have shown up on Facebook). College is another story…I forgot at least 90% of people I went to NNU with the second I took off my cap and gown. I don’t know what happened, but when I get together with the friends I do remember from college they often tell me what people are up to, people we hung out with a lot, and I can’t put a face with the name.

So I can’t remember the name of my suite mate from my first year of seminary (I shared a bathroom with him 5 years ago), but for whatever reason I can remember with crystal clarity Jason Alenice, Shea Austin, and Levi Holley (all of whom I’m pretty sure fell off the face of the earth in 1994). Why is my memory clogged with the antics of Mrs. Moore when I could remember another Spanish verb, or more history behind the Christus Victor theory of the atonement? It seems like kind of a waste. All of this has made me think about the value of learning things at an early age. Imagine if I had memorized scripture when I was young, or studied calculus, or learned Hebrew…I’d be unstoppable.


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