Alyssa and I at a beautiful waterfall that David and Sarah showed us
Alyssa and I at a beautiful waterfall that David and Sarah showed us

Alyssa and I just got back from vacation in Costa Rica, where we visited my great friend and college roommate David, and his wife Sarah; and we spent a lot of time on the beach.

David and Sarah live in a research station in the mountains of Costa Rica. They picked us up at the airport, and took us to their place in the jungle. They live at just over 7,000 feet of elevation, so after about 24 hours, and one amazing hike to some beautiful waterfalls, I got insanely altitude sick. As it turns out, altitude sickness is a lot like food poisoning, so I spent much of our second night in Costa Rica (well, you know what food poisoning is like).

After a couple of days with David and Sarah they took us to a bus station nearby to get us to the much friendlier elevations of the Pacific coast. On the coast we spent three full days sitting on the beach, splashing in waves, dodging high tide, discussing the finer points of men’s swimwear, watching sunsets, spending colones, avoiding monkey bites, being patient with sloths, fleeing from lizards, riding public buses, fearing for our lives in taxis, speaking Spanish, going to bed early, reading, not eating chicken sold on the street (much to my disappointment) but haggling with other street vendors, getting sunburned, and applying aloe. It was amazing.

David and Sarah met us again in San Jose the night before we flew home for dinner, it was great to see them again and not worry that I might throw up on their shoes.

Aside from being a great vacation it was a great reminder of God’s love. We were in such beautiful creation, Alyssa and I enjoyed one another, and we came back to find home…sweet, glorious home!


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