My First Baptisms

Stainedglass from Sun Creek United Methodists in Allen, Texas
Stainedglass from Sun Creek United Methodists in Allen, Texas

I had the amazing blessing of baptizing an awesome couple on Easter Sunday. I borrowed a watering trough from Del’s in Othello, and I got one that was a little small. The small tub required Brian, the man I baptized to become a contortionist, and I still hit his head on the side of the tub on the way down. I tried to get the water a little warm, but when Daphane got in it instantly took her breath away. I had to ask her two questions, and she could barely speak she was so cold! When I dunked her she came up gasping, I felt bad that I nearly froze her to death.

Gotta get your rookie mistakes out of the way sometime.

I’m happy I decided to baptize them on Easter. It meant that a lot of people who don’t always come to our church got to see the excitement of baptism. Brian and Daphane gave their testimonies during the worship, so we got to hear stories of the transformation available in Christ. It was an awesome display of the power of the Easter events. They were buried with Christ and came bursting out to new life.

Doing baptism on Easter meant that it wasn’t a service completely about baptism, which may have been good. I don’t think I adequately shared with the congregation the significance of baptism. It also meant that the service wasn’t all about the candidates for baptism, which is a good thing. It was a day for reflecting on the resurrection, and I think we kept the focus there. All-in-all, a pretty great thing to keep focused on.


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